Are You Being Harassed by Creditors?

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Being in a position of financial difficulty can be stressful enough. When you are at the receiving end of creditor harassment, the situation can become increasingly overwhelming. At The Purcell Law Firm, P.C., we believe that no individual should have to deal with the abusive, harassing, and inappropriate behavior of creditors.

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When facing creditor harassment, it may seem as if there is no way out. However, it is important to know that there is a solution. Our Cobb County bankruptcy lawyer has what it takes to put an end to your creditor harassment. If you have been the victim of such abuse, we are prepared to extend our services to you.

Why hire our Cobb County bankruptcy attorney?

If you decide you would like to take legal action against a creditor who is unlawfully contacting you, you need a team with the right skills and knowledge to represent you. We believe in the importance of protecting debtors' rights, and we urge you to reach out to us if you are ready to pursue legal action.

By retaining our services, you will be working with a firm that:

  • Prioritizes your well-being
  • Is truly passionate about protecting your rights
  • Has plenty of experience and knowledge about bankruptcy law
  • Offers English and Spanish-speaking services
  • Keeps our caseload small to ensure you receive maximum attention

As a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, our founder maintains an in-depth familiarity of all Georgia and federal laws pertaining to creditor harassment and bankruptcy. Our cases are never handed off to an assistant. Instead, they are personally handled by our lawyer who directly works with every client we represent.

About the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA)

While creditors are legally allowed to collect, federal guidelines state that they are prohibited from using certain methods. If you have been victimized by unlawful behavior that violates the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA), you may have grounds to initiate legal action. In some cases, you may be able to collect damages for emotional distress, attorney fees, and more.

Under the FDCPA, creditors are prohibited from:

  • Asking debtors to pay more than they legally owe
  • Calling repeatedly or continuously
  • Using language that is obscene, profane, or abusive
  • Calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Calling when they know the time is inconvenient
  • Threatening to take action, such as filing a lawsuit, that they cannot actually take
  • Informing a third party about your debt

Putting a Stop to Creditor Harassment with Bankruptcy

One of the easiest ways to put an end to creditor harassment is to file for bankruptcy. This is because as soon as you have officially filed for bankruptcy, you can benefit from what is known as an automatic stay. An automatic stay puts an immediate stop to all actions from creditors in their attempt to collect debts. This means their ability to pursue judicial proceedings, obtain property, or take other action against debtors will be forced to come to a halt. An automatic stay can give you immediate relief from creditor abuse.

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At our firm, our clients are always our top priority, and we do everything we can to ensure their well-being. Let us help you put an end to creditor harassment, obtain relief from your debt, and start a new chapter in your life. Do not tolerate the creditor harassment any longer!

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